6.5 Pixelforce Game

This is my first LiveJournal entry and also gonna introduce myself and my project.  The name's Kazufox.  Age no one's business really...I do my arting in the form of writing and sprites.  Sprites like the old NES/SNES era where everything was pixelated before 3D graphics, those sprites.  I find that 8-bit is easier than 16-bit since there's more room for freedoms and less work required meaning more can be done in less amount of time.

My writing...well, in the pre-08 era, I started out on a site called Starwing where people made mock interviews with video game characters, most starfox based.  Even had a spin off series called Star Zero.  After that, went into developing my characters in my own stories.  But that was cut a little short due to personal issues...

Ironically, I wanted to gain more attention for my writing with visual art, since I had no scanner to work with, I figured sprites was the next best thing.  Wouldn't you know it, I got commissions, trades, and even a game going.  Now, I'm working another game, this one being an 8-bit porn game at that.  Already 2 and a half years in the works, a joint project with the guy that I kinda worked with on the first game, Toonpimp/hobartstarr/bimson.  Long story why the first game wasn't the porn one, and due to popular demand, and money donation as payment, this one is underway.  But I will say this, he is a good programmer making his Run or Rape games, but he's a complete baby when it comes to this game, hates it because it's 'spitting on his childhood' but he'll make porn games of cartoon characters...selfish bastard.

But anyways, the game itself WILL be completed and it WILL be awesome.  There's a lot of features to it, like unlockable characters, special endings, multiple rapes, different rapes depending on gender, special rapes for certain characters, an intro story, hostages to rescue, tentacles abound, dragon men, lesbian ninja vixens, a variety of fetishes and much more!  I can go on and on, but here's some links instead to share more:
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=D9OP6X8R -demo
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3611841/ -intro story
http://img34.imageshack.us/img34/3263/pixelforceenemysample.gif -sample of latest added enemies.

I did have a stage building contest, where you can make an area to be designed for the game.  If I like it, I'll put it in and you get a free copy of the game.  That's another thing, game won't be for free.  I do offer many chances to have the price reduced and get your characters put in for free.  So at this point, I have to either know you REALLY well or like you well enough to put you in somewhere.

I'll admit the demo was a tad bit rushed for the auction of adding characters, but the actual first level of the game has been completely redone, which is why it's taking so long.  I'm doing most the work myself and Toonpimp does just the programming, but he bitches anyways...paid or not.  Now, what's the price for a game of this quality?  I charge for all the work and effort put into the game, not just merely edited sprites.  I mean from scratch, from the ground built up.  Just for a low $10 a copy.  Just $10 for hours of 8-bit side scrolling action and more time finding secrets and all the rapes from so many enemies!  If you plan on offering an early payment or donation, I even offer rewards here, a chance to be in the credits:
Pay at least $10 to pre-order
$10-name in credits
$20-sprite/pose and name in the credits
$50-sprite, name, and a short animation of your choice
$70-all of above, and walkthrough guide
$100-name/sprite/animation, walkthrough, beta versions (WIPs) and basically full access to the game itself

So that's my game, it's still under development.  I'm trying to finish up before heading back to college on my end, so take care.  Have a nice day...or night.